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One spring afternoon in 2014, my 12 years old daughter Duoduo came to the office and drew portraits for my colleagues. Looking at her childish intent face, I could not help but come to realize that ten years had flown by like a fleeting show. I still remember when Duoduo was only 26 months old, I sent her to the kindergarten. Then I began my entrepreneurial path. From a small company of two or three people to a trading company of more than 30, and now I possess a garment factory with more than 100 employees. We have had neither excessive expansion, nor hesitation or even retreat along the way. We have always been firmly committed to our initial goal: excel in middle- and high-brand ladies’ garments. Looking back over the past ten years, the biggest gain for me is, not just how many clothes we have produced, or how many brands we have cooperated with, but the excellent team we have had alongside us. In our team, we have conscientious and studious university graduates, experienced technicians and committed business women, but also ordinary and earnest operators. Every piece of a garment, from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing to quality control, and to the very details of the sewing lines, reflects the dedicated and concerted work of our team – the origin and guarantee for the finesse and elegance of every piece of our product. We take pride in our perseverance. I believe that in the next decade, our team will be able to go further.

Director MIAO Fang


10 years’ experience

120 employees

20,000 monthly output

Exports to 10 countries

30 high fashion brands

more than 100 style design


Hangzhou Zhanbo Fashion Co., Ltd.
8-1, No. 2, Yongtai Road, Renhe Street, Yuhang Dist., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

+86 571 8840 9395
+86 571 8840 9397

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